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Bulman Lab

Zackery Bulman

Dr. Bulman runs the Precision Antimicrobial Laboratory, which aims to devise novel therapeutic approaches that are capable of successfully treating infectious diseases while also suppressing the amplification of new resistance mechanisms. His laboratory is developing cutting-edge pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic treatment approaches for antibiotics to help combat multidrug-resistant bacteria. Implementing clinical pharmacokinetic data from patients, Dr. Bulman’s lab simulates the human exposures of antimicrobials in the laboratory to evaluate their pharmacodynamic effects.

His recent work has facilitated the resurrection of an old agent, polymyxin B, in preparation for continued clinical outbreaks of carbapenem-resistant Gram-negatives. He has also recently optimized combination therapies to combat mcr-1 and blaNDM harboring carbapenem-resistant E. coli. Dr. Bulman is also interested in optimizing the use of inhaled antibiotics for patients with pneumonia. Ongoing projects in Dr. Bulman’s laboratory are exploring patient specific treatment strategies for bacteria with genetically defined resistance mechanisms.

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Recent updates from the Bulman Lab.

Dr. Bulman Leads Team to Highlight Key PK/PD Research Priorities Heading link

Dr. Bulman, in collaboration with leaders from 3 international infectious disease societies, led the development of a personal view article published in Lancet Microbe that sought to emphasize several key research priorities in antibiotic PK/PD. Although progress has been made in our quest to optimize the treatment of infections, additional research will be required to fully realize the potential of precision antibiotic therapy and its ability to improve patient outcomes. The article was also featured on ContagionLive.

Bulman et al. Lancet Microbe

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