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Wenzler Research Team

Eric Wenzler

Dr. Wenzler's research is centered around the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of antimicrobials in both the in vitro and clinical arenas as well as outcomes based research related to infectious diseases. His laboratory research focuses on discovering optimal antimicrobial treatment regimens against multidrug resistant bacteria, including evaluating synergistic antimicrobial combinations targeted at emerging super resistant Gram negative pathogens such as those harboring metallo-beta-lactamase and class D serine beta-lactamase enzymes. He is also interested in the activity of antimicrobials in the genitourinary tract and optimizing the use of inhaled antibiotics for the treatment of pneumonia. His primary clinical research emphasis is investigating antimicrobial pharmacokinetics after novel dosing regimens in healthy volunteers and in special patient populations including critically ill patients and those receiving forms of hemodialysis. His outcomes research attempts to translate and apply the in vitro and clinical research findings to patients afflicted with infectious diseases syndromes, specifically exploring the impact of bacterial genotypic-phenotypic relationships on the clinical outcomes of patients infected with resistant pathogens.