Drs. Zackery Bulman, Juergen Bulitta, and Eric Wenzler

Juergen Bulitta Visits UIC College of Pharmacy

The Infectious Diseases Pharmacotherapy Section hosted Dr. Juergen Bulitta in August, 2019. Dr. Bulitta is an Associate Professor of Pharmacotherapy and Translational Research and an expert in Quantitative & Systems Pharmacology modeling in…

Drs. Larry Danziger and Keith Rodvold

Mapping Success

Since 1996, Larry Danziger and Keith Rodvold have directed a section focused on infectious disease research, training and clinical service.


New Tenure Track Faculty Members Secure Grant Funding

Newest members of the Section, tenure track researchers Dr. Bulman and Dr. Wenzler, secure grant funding to support their research. Dr. Bulman was awarded the CATS KL2 and CBC Catalyst award for his…